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Occupational Safety
Proper safety, equipment and proper procedures are the first line of defense against “on-the-job” accidents. Employers make sure those workers that operate equipment at the workplace take preclusive measures while undertaking their job and get the proper attire when operating the equipment or doing their job. Nonetheless, because of unforeseen circumstances and human error, accidents related to the workplace are a “fact of life.” Workers need to know how to preserve a smooth business operation, help fellow employees when accidents occur and manage accidents after they occur.
Even though employees that recover from work-related accidents are able to maintain their relationships with their fellow employees, studies show that the “employee-employer” relationship may become strained over time. In many cases, psychological issues step in including depression and anxiety, this further reduces productivity. For the case of the employee that lost fifteen workdays, the effects of the debris in his eyes can be problematic in his productivity and health- both emotional and general health. Prevention measures and health and safety strategies need to be individualized, taken up and executed with specific consideration of the kind of worker that is most likely to be involved in injury in each kind of occupational accident. Some of the solutions to work-related injuries could include: “occupational health and safety” training course…

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