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Tesla Executive Summary

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Tesla Executive Summary

Tesla is a car manufacturing company which is located in California. The company operates from the Silicon Valley, and only deals in electric car components. The company also manufactures power train components which it supplies to most of their clientele around the region and beyond. The company started operating in the year 2003 with the help of three engineers namely Ian Wright, Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard. The company name came as a result of the famous Nikola Tesla and used Tesla instead. After long periods of struggling with their finances the company needed new blood which will steer their objectives further. This became possible after the introduction of Musk Elon to the company as the CEO.
Musk was the board chairman originally but took over as the CEO while also overseeing other companies working in other different industries. The new CEO took over in the year 2009 where he oversaw another financial crisis in the company, but was able to overcome the obstacles after coming up with different strategies that were meant to safeguard their general wellbeing. The best-established product during this time was the ‘Roadster’ sports car which became famous during this period. The car was electric and used power train battery with other components that were superior.
Due to the company’s marketing strategy it was able to sell more than 2500 units which were sold to both the local and global customers. The productions of the ‘Roadster�…

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