Telomere length loss due to smoking and metabolic traits

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Telomere length loss due to smoking and metabolic traits

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Telomere Length Loss Due To Smoking and Metabolic Traits
The telomere is an intrinsic part of the chromatid that helps it to absorb fusion and sustain integrity and stability. Evidently, the telomere contains numerous nucleotides at the end of chromosomes preventing it from deterioration with neighboring tissues. Analysis assert that when the telomere shortens, they die accruing danger to the chromosomes (Blackburn & Epel, 2012). Therefore, their role in body tissues is crucial an indication that they must be considered to ensure the well-being of an individual. In a more critical review, the telomere protects genetic data making it easy for the cells to oxidize. Information indicates that the maintenance of the telomere requires complex factors such as the telomere enzyme that contains protein TERT and RNA telomerase.
Influence of the telomere size by metabolic traits and smoking
In the first perception, the shortening of the telomere associates impaired secretion and resistance of insulin. Research indicates that the b-cells in the body senses the plasma glucose level and secrete insulin to engage metabolism. Critically, the hormone upholds metabolism in the entire body enhancing glucose uptake within the skeletal muscles and the adipose body tissues. Investigation elucidates that the impaired secretion accrues the deficiency of telomerase enzyme absorbing glucose metabolism (Blackburn & Epel 2012). Evidently, the enzy…

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