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The Hubble Space Telescope is still in operation and was launched in the year 1990. It has four instruments that have the duties to observe in the near infrared spectra and the ultraviolet. It got its name after Edwin Hubble who was an astronomer in the USA. Its orbit around the atmosphere of the earth makes use of light that has a high resolution. The telescope has impacted the world of science significantly.
The ACS and STIS UV through their lights that are visible can be use to seeing the aurora of the south. Hubble has been able to solve many astronomy problems, and also has had its share of problems. There has been a greater need to provide new theories for purposes of explaining various results. It has been able to measure the distance to various stars and the expansion rate of the universe. It has been named to be more accurate compared to other used measurement tools.
Even thought it has been able to make measurements of the universe it has also raised the question that pertain its future. Different astronomers have successfully used the HST to see the supernovae which have led to the conclusion that the universe is expanding at a high rate. Dark energy is named as the cause of the rapid acceleration.
Through the high-resolution spectra, the HST can detect the presence of black holes in galaxies that are near. It was earlier anticipated that black holes were found in the middle of galaxies, but these theories were dis…

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