Telehealth needed in rural areas for pediatrics for children

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Telehealth needed in rural areas for pediatrics for children

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The use of Telehealth is becoming increasingly important in the country today, especially the rural regions. It is an important strategy considering that healthcare facilities may be far yet immediate attention is needed. Many hospitals in America appreciate the importance of telehealth, which have led to the introduction of these services.
Importance of Telehealth for pediatrics for children
Emergency healthcare services may be the difference between life and death for the young ones in rural regions. Such services require immediate action, which is a challenge in such regions (Wheeler, Wong, & Shanley, 2014). As of 2012, more than 10 million children lived in rural regions of America. Of those, at least a few hundred thousand require emergency health care services at a given time. Many children have health problems that need prompt address to maintain their health (Loue & Quill, 2013). A significant number of children die for they lack the emergency healthcare services, which can be solved using the Telehealth initiatives.
Roberts and Steele (2010) state that telehealth plays an important role in reducing not only anxiety among parents but also saves the lives of many children. The technology allows medical professionals to assist children in distress by managing pain, addressing the symptoms, and transporting them safely to healthcare facilities. The use of these technologies will play a role in reducing the number of children that die for l…

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