Technology and the Law

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Technology and the Law

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Technology and the Law

The law seems to be behind what is happening in the modern world. The law enforcement needs to be updated to curve the technology crimes that are on the rise. The law is just catching up, through staffing of qualified personnel. Currently the police lack necessary expertise and skills. The other factor making it difficult to investigate and prosecute digital crimes is the nature of the evidence. Unlike the other real-life crimes, digital evidence is a collection of figures and codes put together, radio signals or waves. Information existing in this nature can be easily corrupted, edited or lost hence making it impossible to apply the law on search cases. For cyber crimes its impossible to protect the integrity of the evidence because even if the investigator attempts to examine the evidence he or she will have contaminated the evidence already. In some cases, the offenders set their computers in a way that they automatically delete the evidence of accessing some sites. For example, individuals who carry out cybervandalism or hacking of delete all the logs that can be used to prove that they intruded a certain system (Moore, 2014).
There is a need to implement additional information focused laws. Some of the laws such as Computer Misuse Act that regulate the online crimes by creating a life imprisonment penalty for digital criminals are not enough. The digital crimes have increased despite the rules, therefore, af…

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