Technology and healthcare ethics

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Technology and healthcare ethics

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Influence of Technology on Ethical Decision-making in Healthcare
Influence of Technology on Ethical Decision-making in Healthcare
Technology has become indispensable to every aspect of human life. In modern healthcare, the use of medical technology is becoming increasingly common for diagnosis, treatment, and assessment of patient care due to their high effectiveness (Tan & Ong, 2002). Despite these perceived benefits, technology also has serious ethical implications, with conflicts between ethics and healthcare becoming more common today. Tan and Ong (2002) observed that healthcare should be guided by the principles of medical necessity, cost effectiveness, and social justice. However, the adoption of technology in healthcare has affected various aspects of ethical decision-making such as beneficence/non-maleficence, patient autonomy, patient confidentiality, and justice, and equity (Saarni et al., 2008). For instance, Tan and Ong (2002) noted that many physicians choose complex or expensive procedures for their patients rather than simple, cost-effective, and effective interventions. This not only poses a serious risk to the patient’s life but also increases their financial burden for care. Technology may also need consideration where their use conflicts the common beliefs and convictions of the target communities as in the case of contraceptives (Saarni et al., 2008). Another area that has been affected by technology is the patient’s right to…

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