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Team Work

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Teamwork is one of the forms of peer evaluation techniques implemented in ascertaining the strengths and weakness of the peers in working together. Teamwork, as a form of peer evaluation, gauges the peer’s cooperative and coordination efforts when in a group working together as a team with a common interest. During team peer evaluation, several aspects can be implemented to gauge the level of coordination and cooperation of the peers. One of the aspects to be considered in this case is the ability of the peers to work together as a team. In cases where the peers’ teamwork is highly rated, a conclusion can be drawn that the peers’ teamwork is effective and highly coordinated and vice versa.
Also, determining the percentage of active participants in the team can be used in drawing the final results on the effectiveness of the team. Prevalently, when a team is characterized by a high number of active participants, it is evident that the team of the peers is efficient and coordinated. In addition, teamwork enables the peers to learn from each other in several occasion. Analyzing various concepts that each member learned as a result of the teamwork that they would not have learned otherwise is an important technique for gauging the success of a team of peers.
Similar to other techniques of evaluation, team peer evaluation also calls for a step of ensuring the performance of the team is enhanced. In the case of a peers’ team, engag…

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