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Team Project #1

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Identifying nutrition quackery techniques
Quackery is a fraudulent practice that has been carried on for so many years whereby quacks intend to sell fraudulent products to peoples for their own financial interest. For instance, in America there have been numerous quacks promoting and selling nutrition supplements. However, there are basic techniques of identifying nutrition quacks.
One major common technique used by quacks is to warn you not to trust your doctors; this technique is used to win the trust of a patient by unfolding false information against doctors. Basically, it is wrong to mislead patient due selfish interest.
On the other hand, quacks often use another technique of claiming that under everyday stress and in any disease condition, the need of body nutrient increases. Furthermore, the body requires some additional nutrient in some way during physical stress or disease due to change in the rate of body metabolism beside the need of nutrients rises slightly. We have seen some vitamin manufactures advertising that during those conditions, patients needs vitamin supplements. However, these manufactures avoid advertising the need of eating a well balanced diet when in such condition.
Quacks allege that modern processing methods and storage remove all nutritive value from the food being processed, despite that food processing can change food nutrient during processing, a mere fact is that, the…

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