Team Dynamics

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Team Dynamics

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Team Dynamics
Team dynamics implies to the effects of the interactions between members of a team who take on various roles and behaviors. Team dynamics can affect teams in many fields including business teams, technology teams, and social teams/groups among other group settings. Over the years, through studies and research, management experts have been able to outline what factors can contribute to positive group dynamics and even poor group dynamics. In this case, we will focus on what could have caused the poor group dynamics in the small group and eventually causing the project to stagnate.
According to Forbes Coaches Council (2016), a team with poor group dynamics is easy to point out due to the apparent indicators. In this regard, one of the indicators that a team is not working properly is a communication breakdown. Communication breakdown becomes evident when members of a team engage in sidebar talks, have low enthusiasm, have low involvement and some members ridicule and bully other members. A communication breakdown can also manifest itself even where team members are talking to each other, but the talks are not based on honesty and understanding. Based on this assessment, it is highly likely that this is one of the factors that led to the stagnation of the project.
A team that lacks trust is also destined to fall. Trust forms the basis of all successful teams which means that its absence in a team will result in dysfunction. As mana…

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