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tax on fatty foods

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Should there be a Tax on Fatty Foods?
“Arteries of an obese child are as thick and stiff as those of a healthy 45-year-old. This places kids at a premature risk for degenerative diseases that already place $190 billion strain on healthcare spending” (Kalaidis par. 1).

A glance at the picture above leads to the realization that taxes on fatty foods is an intelligent move. People should learn to differentiate the healthy individual from an obese one due to the misconceptions revolving around the two concepts. Obesity rates have more than doubled since the late 20th century. Despite the emphasis on healthy nutrition, the figures continue to be unacceptably high. There is a significant correlation between childhood obesity and adulthood obesity. Studies on childhood obesity indicate that children from low socioeconomic households have higher prevalence and incidence rates of obesity compared to children from households of higher income. It only means that unhealthy foods high in saturated fats are readily available to such households. This paper presents a debate aimed at discerning whether fatty foods should be taxed by discussing the associated pros and cons associated with this approach.
Pros for Introducing Tax on Fatty Foods
Reduce Obesity
According to the European Association for the Study of Obesity, EASO, (par. 2), obesity is the 5th cause of death in the world because it is a precedent condition for other fatal …

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