Tasks regarding lasers

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Tasks regarding lasers

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Tasks Regarding Lasers
Question 1
Spontaneous emission is the process by which a quantum mechanical system like an atom or subatomic particles, transit from an excited energy state to an area of low energy state with an external agent (Corder et al. 22). It is found in LEDs and fluorescent tubes. While stimulated emission is the process where photons are used to produce other photons that have equal phase and wavelength as the parent. This process is found in the laser beam.
Question 3
n5s= e-(3.4 *10-19J)/(1.38*10-23 J/K)(e-98.7=7.1*10-42 n3p)
n5s = e −(3.4⋅10−19 J)/(1.38⋅10−23J/K)(500K) = e−417.4 = 2.7⋅10−21 n3p
n5s = e −(3.4⋅10−19 J)/(1.38⋅10−23J/K)(1200K) = e−19.6 = 2.1⋅10−11 n3p
at all the temperature levels, all the atoms are in their energized states, therefore, the first state for their transition emits 632.8nm radiation which is almost negligible. We can conclude that the ratio is directly proportional to the temperature.

Question 4
Three level laser cannot produce a continuous beam because the energy level of E1 is less than E2 and E3. Additionally, E2 is greater than E1 but less than E3. Therefore, the energy level of E2 lies between E3 and E1.
Question 9
In a laser, the mirror is used to reflect photons, to stimulate atoms to emit more photons. Additionally, mirrors make up the optical cavity, responsible for accelerating photons across the active mate…

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