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System Thinking
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This case study contains information on what systems thinking are and how it relates to excellence in an organization. It concerns this policy to a children’s hospital known as Cincinnati. In this study, I have examined areas where this particular hospital has applied the main principals of systems thinking. Additionally, it entails information on where the institution seems to lack the application of the appropriate principal. Moreover, the case study explains the importance of systems thinking in the leadership of the hospital, as they aim at achieving more significant results of high quality. In the same content, there is a clear cover on how the hospital can maintain the policy of systems thinking and retain progressive quality outcome. The study gives information on how a clear understanding of systems approach and systems working can yield great results for a company. It also explains the importance of assigning duties correctly to employees basing on knowledge of systems thinking.
System Thinking
System thinking refers to a way of acquiring knowledge on how various sectors of a specific system work about each other and scrutinizing the design of the structure. According to Senge 2006, the study of a system enables one to have a clear understanding of how the components making up the system interact and connect.
Cincinnati Children’s sickbay was initially a regional medical center, but progressed to …

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