Sustainable Food and Agricultural Technology

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Sustainable Food and Agricultural Technology

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Sustainable Food and Agricultural Technology
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USDA (2012), Sustainability as a concept is a key focus to many disciplines in the global world. Since 1987, U.S. has focused on sustainability in reference to agriculture to ensure food sufficiency. Sustainability builds its concept in that there should be no food shortage. This concept call for integrated food production and other products, natural resources stewardship, workers, farmers quality of life and farm profitability. Hence, sustainability means then other aspects such as recognition and productivity action-oriented behaviors, environmental, social and economic goals should work together as interrelated systems. In USA agriculture, technology regarding food production has been a major focus addressed by both governmental and non-governmental bodies. Annual productivity and efficiency of use of farm inputs such as energy, water, fertilizer and natural resources has quite improved regularly. Despite these efforts, agricultural issues related to social, economic and environmental still have been on the increase. This critical thought argumentative essay will focus on issues related to sustainable food and agricultural technology.
Question 1
I would go for the sustainably produced foods and food products.
Sustainability objective is to ensure despite having gotten produce from the farm; the same farm remains as productive and as healthier than it was before. To achieve this, good farmi…

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