Sustainability political

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Sustainability political

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Annotated Bibliography Political Sustainability
Scoones, Ian. “The Politics of Sustainability and Development.” Annual Review of Environment and Resources, vol 41, no. 1, 2016, pp. 293-319. Annual Reviews, Accessed 14 Nov 2018.
The article explores the association between development, sustainability, and politics. Ideally, the article examines practice and policy after a summary of sustainability cutting through various traditions including the influence and politics of scarcity narratives and resources on research. The report outlines the political transformations including the ways it plays out incorporating citizen-led, state-led, market-led, and technology-led processes. In essence, the study attempts to highlight the politics of collective action and alliance building for development and sustainability. It is evident that transformations could not be controlled or managed but ought to be drawn on disruptive politics involving multiple actors and diverse knowledge.
The author relies on the way politics is expressed through regimes of accumulation, rule, and truth. It also includes the understanding of the political process with its implications for governance and institutional responses. Therefore, the study concludes with a reflection on other future studies especially on methodological stance and priorities needed for a working reaction to the political contests of development and sustainability. Ho…

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