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Supreme Court revised

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Historic Supreme Court Ruling
Dred Scott versus Sandford
This case occurred in the year 1857, and it is commonly referred to as Dred Scott Case (“Dred Scott case” n.p). Scott made his argument that he was resident in a territory that the Federal government had banned slavery and this made him a freeman (Krutz 159). The Supreme Court made a landmark ruling by having a 7 against 2 judges who made the judicial decision that a Negro slave had no power to sue the Federal government (“Dred Scott decision” n.p). Furthermore, the Federal government lacked the powers of regulating slavery in the regions or jurisdictions which were got after the formation of the U.S as Nation (The Case; Dred Scott n.p). On that account, Scott was denied his right to freedom (Dred Scott V. Sandford n.p).
This ruling by the Supreme Court adds up to those cases that were wrongfully ruled by the highest Court in the United States. The Court is supposed to protect the right of all Americans (Dred Scott V. Sandford n.p). It is unjust to deny children of the slaves their right based on their skin color. It would have been prudent for the Court to grant Scott freedom.
Supreme Calendar Ruling
In this case, Nathan Freed an attorney represents a carpenter suing the United States on whether the US government is violating the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution (Carpenter V. United States n.p). The argument is founded by the United States governm…

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