Support of Perrins Assumption

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Support of Perrins Assumption

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Support of Perrin’s Assumption in ‘The Androgynous Male.’
The article by Perrin compares the androgynous male to those who adhere to traditional sex-role models. He commences the article by stating explaining a test he conducted that claimed to rate the masculinity or feminism of a person. On completing the test, he discovered that he was 1.2 male on a scale of 1 to 10. This notion leads him to a self-evaluation path over the years where he discovered that he was truly androgynous. Consequently, in his argument, he appears to be in favor of the androgynous male and he concludes that androgynous people are freer than those who adhere to traditional sex-role models. The paper herein will support the assumption by Perrin and will attempt to prove that this phenomenon is, in fact, factual.
Reading through the article sparked a lot of thoughts. Our father’s sperm and mother’s ovum are a necessity for the occurrence of fertilization and conception. Accordingly, for every human seen in the face of this planet, this phenomenon has taken place out of necessity. Without either of the genders, no single sex would exist; every individual is a part dad and part mom (Bruskin). Consequently, hormones dominating each gender are present in each of the sexes but with varied amounts. Since every person derives from both the mom and the dad, there is a vast range of possibilities the gap that each individual in each gender will naturally be in…

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