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Summary of Units
Visual management refers to a management practice that uses visual aids an signals in the place of written instructions to communicate information in the setting of a business organization. Unlike the written instructions like status updates, tools used in visual management such as information boards make the data visible, simple and within reach of everyone in the organization. Whereas information presented on the visual management tools is intended to reach the decision makers, it also keeps the entire team informed of the common objectives. The visual signals are aimed at conveying information, providing instructions and providing job status updates. Implementation of visual management is achieved through the use of various types of boards which include project status, priority, continuous improvement, and issues boards.
The use of visual management tools is premised on the knowledge that when the human brain is presented with pictures, colors, patterns, and shapes, the response is usually faster and better. The technique, therefore, provides workers with these visual aids to make communication and reaction more effective. If communication and reaction in the organization are effective, then the identification of operational problems and design defects is faster such that they can also be acted upon immediately. Moreover, appropriately structured groups are known to be more effective than individuals in decision making. Si…

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