Summary of two outside sources relating to research paper

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Summary of two outside sources relating to research paper

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How to make a slave
How to Make a Slave” rotates around race and fatherhood, and the unforeseen ending made it one of the most enticing reads. This story that demonstrates slavery had a longer and more diverse history covering many years in the colonial period as opposed to the nineteenth century equally important is the fact that in this early period it extended to the Middle Colonies affecting many people across the globe (How to make a slave, 187). This story focusses on basic facts about slavery and elimination in a school setting where classmates cheer me when I’m specifically describe Douglas’ most famous line, ‘’you have seen how a man was made a slave; you shall see how a slave was made a man.”
The racial discrimination comes out evident since one of my classmates says forget his name in a few years but instead remember that his skin was so dark that me and my friend were left with no choice than to refer to him as Congo explaining how he could have gouged out his eyes and eventually other boys break the legs of their master amputating their arms and in the event someone curls their fingers to become a claw twisting the balls of his master and all cup their crotch in pain before bursting out in laughter and as I walk to home with Douglass sombrely staring out of my back pocket I wish black history had some of its parts funny(How to make a slave, 187).
The story unfolds explaining how one was captured on a wiretap of F…

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