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Summary hospital Revised

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The article addresses the importance of EHR in hospitals. Electronic Health Records are digital versions of patients’ records that can be retrieved with the help of a computer. The world is being transformed by the advancement I technology and hospitals should start keeping up with the pace. Medicine is an enterprise rich with information and technology will provide a platform where all the information can be shared within a healthcare infrastructure. Hospital organizations should be aware that adopting and implementing HER will lead to the following benefits; increased patient care, improved coordination in patient care, minimal human errors, cost savings and improved efficiencies within the hospital. According to Dr. Palmer, through his research and documentaries, he has identified the benefits of HER and advocates for changes to take place. The implementation of HER will transform patients’ care delivery and save costs when it comes to hospital operations.
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Dr. Palmer is a physician who practices medicine in two location. He has a computer lab where he is documenting a video in which data collected goes over the internet into the internet servers in real time. According to him, he wants to create a system where patients’ health records can be accessed from the computer. This means that all the information from other departments has to synchronize and placed under one server. In his com…

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