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Following the report that emerges on the many cases reported on the co-occurring problems, there is need to recommend on many possible treatment solutions to ensure that the cases are minimized. Various treatments methods can be used to cure and help those affected by the disorder.
Firstly, engaging those affected by enabling them to access the medical services. Most of them face challenges when accessing and using the treatments that are available to them. It can be done through motivational method. It should be noted that this form of approach enables the affected groups to obtain the services offered by their providers. Secondly, motivating the affected people because despite the fact that they may get medical services, they may also lack motivation that will help them cope their illness (Corrigan, 126). When effective programs are set in place to enable the people to realize their objectives and benefits associated with motivation. Thirdly, deterioration prevention should be put in a front line because the affected people can easily backslide and take the substance once more if the co-occurring resulted from substance use (Corrigan, 126).
However, there is need to adopt the long-term retention because they play a significant role in ensuring that the affected persons cannot relapse back to their traditional ways of substance use. This form of treatment involves changing how the affected individuals behave in their dail…

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