Student Achievement

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Student Achievement

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Student Achievement
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Student Achievement
Student achievement is important in the evaluation of the teacher-student performance. Teachers motivate students on how to achieve their academic goals. Therefore, a teacher’s efficacy is important in positioning teachers to student’s success. Moreover, the collaboration between teachers and students facilitates adequate academic achievements.
Believing and achieving enhance student’s performance. By believing, students accept that a particular activity is real and true (Rodríguez et al., 2014). On the other hand, achieving is a process of reaching the desired goals. Even though the two concepts could differ in their meanings, they are practiced together to achieve academic success. The first step often requires students to believe that something is achievable. In this case, the students believe that the set goals and target are achievable. With academic efforts in place, students can achieve good grades. Moreover, the two can be linked by the fact that believing leads to achievement. Therefore, believing involves tuning an individual’s mindset to think that if certain practices are adopted then the required targets can be achieved. Achievement occurs as a result of believing that something can actually happen.
Teacher efficacy is the teachers’ believes regarding their ability to positively impact students’ lives especially those that have a challenge in learning. The self-asses…

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