Stress: Those who are affected

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Stress: Those who are affected

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Stress and the People It Affects
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The human body usually responds to different situations in a number of various ways to defend itself from physical or psychological harm. Stress is among the ways in which the body protects itself in situations that seem challenging or dangerous. It is, however, important to understand the stress and its management as its chronic presence causes significant health complications to an individual. This paper, therefore, intends to examine the various aspects of stress, its occurrence and management. Further, the paper studies the relationship between the occurrence and management of stress, and the various diversity factors such as age and gender. A significant percentage of children are affected by stress, and most of their parents are unaware of its enormity. This study has also established that in the United States, the number of women affected by stress is higher in comparison with men. Women establish better connections with other people in their lives compared to men which enables them to manage their stress better than men.Keywords: Stress, Management, Health Complications, Age, Gender

Stress and the People It Affects
Stress is a relatively common term used by a number of individuals almost on a daily basis in reference to experiencing undesirable mental or emotional tension. From a biological or medical perspective, stress can be defined as any or physical, mental or emotional fa…

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