Strategies for Learning from Failure

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Strategies for Learning from Failure

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Strategies for Learning from Failure
The society today is highly competitive. The society categorizes individuals and organizations as either winners or losers. Rarely is Failure on objectively reflected on by the society, individuals or even by organizations. This habit has led to the development of misguided perceptions about failure where most belief that failure is all wrong. However, working at Perry’s Ice Cream Limited suggests otherwise. Failure is sometimes negative, but more often than not failure is healthy and constructive.
The fallacy that failure is only undesirable has led to the development of a workforce and a society full of constrained imagination. Intelligent failure only encourages an individual to explore experiment and learn from each fruitless endeavor till the firm attains the best outcome. Experimentation, creativity and the desire to learn are all traits that every effective leader must foster in an organization. To encourage such qualities, a leader must also be logical enough to accept that these traits can only be encouraged if only they do not rush to punish failure, but acknowledge it as a means to promote the learning culture.
For any leader to appreciate the effectiveness of this perspective, of the positivity of failure, it requires a deep commitment to inquiry, objectivity, patience and tolerance. In recent years, working at Perry’s Ice Cream Limited, a firm in New York that produces and distribut…

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