strategic manangement

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strategic manangement

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TOC o “1-3” h z u Strategic analysis of Starbucks Coffee Cooperation PAGEREF _Toc513483796 h 3Executive summary PAGEREF _Toc513483797 h 3Introduction PAGEREF _Toc513483798 h 4Industry overview PAGEREF _Toc513483799 h 6Main finding PAGEREF _Toc513483800 h 7I.Mission PAGEREF _Toc513483801 h 7II.Vision PAGEREF _Toc513483802 h 7III.Company Overview PAGEREF _Toc513483803 h 7I.Company Analysis PAGEREF _Toc513483804 h 8Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of Starbucks PAGEREF _Toc513483805 h 8Starbucks’ SWOT Analysis PAGEREF _Toc513483806 h 12PESTLE PAGEREF _Toc513483807 h 16I.Analysis of digitalization in Starbucks PAGEREF _Toc513483808 h 21Digitalization in Starbucks PAGEREF _Toc513483809 h 21Challenges digitalization poses to Starbucks PAGEREF _Toc513483810 h 22Impact of challenges posed by the continual rise of digitalization PAGEREF _Toc513483811 h 24Starbucks strategies to reduce the impact of challenges posed by the continual rise of digitalization PAGEREF _Toc513483812 h 25Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc513483813 h 26Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc513483814 h 28References PAGEREF _Toc513483815 h 29Appendices PAGEREF _Toc513483816 h 32
Strategic analysis of Starbucks Coffee CooperationExecutive SummaryContinual rise of digitalization poses several challenges to organizations. Since the advent of the internet and mobile technology, the mode in which b…

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