Strategic Brand Management: Brand Strategy

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Strategic Brand Management: Brand Strategy

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Strategic Brand Management: Hunger Game’s Catching Fire Case
The Hunger Games is a film series that started in 2012 when the franchise’s first movie was released. A year later, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second movie in the franchise was released. This second one set a number of records, among them, the largest November opening weekend. However, it is not the level of creativity of the producers and directors, or the talent of the actors that made this possible. Most of the opening success of this movie is credited to its gifted marketing team. The team skillfully combined online and offline campaign platforms to instill some must-watch urge in the fans.
One of the main marketing techniques that were used by the movie’s marketing crew was the brand storytelling platform. In essence, this method used new platforms of distribution to develop unique and customized consumer experiences. It made use of the characters and pumped in elements like emotion, humor, and personality to keep the audience entertained and engaged (Sawhney and Pallavi 2). This method was particularly powerful in developing a connection to the audience, and that was quite essential since publicizing some of the information that the fan base already had from the novels would have only bored them and taken their attention off the campaign.
To reach the maximum number of people they could, the marketing team decided to do the brand storyt…

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