Strategic Brand Management: Brand Positioning

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Strategic Brand Management: Brand Positioning

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Strategic Brand Management: Brand Positioning
Kingsford Charcoal is among the many investments of Clorox Company. By 2000, Kingsford Charcoal contributed an approximate of 9% of the Clorox’s income (Kingsford 1). It is a type of company that deals with the production of charcoal briquettes from wood. The quality of the produced charcoal is high as it produces more heat than the normal wood and also lasts longer. The main product produced by this company is charcoal and grill gas. Kingsford Company has two major competitors in their business market. These competitors are Private labels Company and the Royal Oak. The stiff competition between the three companies made Kingsford company brand to diminish. Due to that the company decided to employ two new brand managers to manage this crisis. The two managers are, Allison Warren and Marcilie Smith. Initially in the 1980s, Kingsford Company experienced higher profits however in 2000, these profits decreased by 2% (Kingsford 1).
Being an important branch of Clorox Company, Kingsford Company has put measures in place to ensure that they maintain their position in the business market. For them to manage their brand, Kingsford brand managers ensured that the quality of their products and services were high, their staffs were discipline, developing new brand products, and maintain constant prices on their products. Generally, the brand managers of Kingsford came up with strict measures to ensure th…

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