Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cell Research
Over the years, scientists have continued to unravel the potential of stem cell to treat several human disorders. According to Cook et al. (874), the stem cell has proven to be a powerful tool with the abilities to heal some of the most complex disorders. However, most governments through the health ministry have only approved a few clinical treatments where stem cells can be used. More in-depth research is currently being conduct with different types of stems cells such as blood stem cell, limbal stem cell, and skin stem cells already discovered.
Limbal stem cell deficiency
There have been cases of people with damage cornea ending up unable to heal itself like any other wound. At the human eye, in between the sclera and cornea is the limbus with several limbal stem cells responsible for healing damaged outer layer of the cornea. There are accidents where a patient’s eye was subjected to chemical or physical injuries enough to destroy the limbus cells tend to have insufficient the limbal cells. Hence, their injured cornea tends to deteriorate. In this case, they develop a disorder known as limbal stem cell deficiency which if not treated can result in one being blind. Limbal stem cell deficiency causes one to have increased sensitivity to light, inflammation of the eye and pain.
Limbal stem cell
One of the requirements of any stem cell transplant is that the cells should match. Limbal stem cel…

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