Statitsics research proposal

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Statitsics research proposal

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Over the past years, I have believed that there is a relationship between the age of the dogs and the number of vet visit that they receive per year. I decided to conduct a survey regarding the matter and recorded the findings as stated in this discussion. I have a female pet dog that is currently six years old. In last year, she has had four pet visits.
I intend to gather data by way of interviews. The participants will be the surrounding neighbors who have dog pets. All the participants will be visited in their residence for the interview, and the study will take place in their home as it is where the pets will be observed. In the research, the ethical issue intended is to find out how different individuals take care of their pets.
After conducting the interview, it can be noted that the age of the dog pet is related to the number of pet visits every year. The younger the dog, the more visits the vet gives the pet. According to the findings from the interview, the pets are being seen by the vet more frequently when they are young. Some individuals proved this claim when they supported the facts that the pets are more delicate when they are young, and they need more attention. They are then prone to vet visits so that they may grow in a healthier manner. As the pets grow, they tend to adapt to the environmental settings they are brought up and they become immune to some environmental factors. Their body systems are seen to develop immunity …

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