Statement of Purpose 3

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Statement of Purpose 3

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One crucial area of public health that receives low coverage in most developing nations is mental health care since the number of psychiatric nurses in these states is inadequate. To provide effective mental health care, it is essential for a nation to have enough psychiatric nurses through providing adequate training and education in the field. I would prefer to be a mental health practitioner in Africa since most of the countries are characterized by low income that makes them face health problems high prevalence of communicable diseases, low life expectancy, and malnutrition. Due to the high number of health problems faced by developing nations, policymakers are not likely to emphasize mental health. Apart from the health problems, mental health may not get adequate coverage in African nations due to superstitious beliefs associated with the challenge. I would, therefore, like to be a psychiatric practitioner in Africa to reach out to the communities by addressing the issue and coming up with strategies to address the same.

Statement of Purpose
Mental health care is an essential area of public health but it sadly is a component of healthcare that is often neglected especially in developing countries. Psychiatric nurse practitioners are the key elements in the provision of adequate mental health care. However, the psychological healthcare situation in most developing countries is characterized by an inadequacy of mental health nurses, and insufficient education an…

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