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Statement of Interest

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Statement of Interest
Nahid Rezaee
Research Area
My primary research interest is in the area of cardiovascular medicine and surgery. It is evident that, over the past half-century, tremendous advancement has been made in this area. These advancements were as a result of preclinical research which was then implemented to improve clinical care. Reduced cases of chronic rheumatic valvular heart disease is an excellent example of the importance of preclinical research. However, cardiovascular diseases remain the leading cause of disability and death despite the tremendous advancements, especially in industrialized nations and becoming more prevalent in developing countries. One of the most significant challenges in cardiovascular medicine and surgery remains heart failure. Millions of people suffer from heart attack each year, and with time, more people are expected to have heart attacks. This means more people are expected to be hospitalized from heart attacks, and more deaths are expected. Heart attacks also cost governments billions every year. Such devastating effects necessitate the need for more research on heart failures. My specific area of academic interest is in developing drugs that target systolic heart failure.
I have an MD from the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland. I believe this will give me the knowledge to be successful in this program. I have worked in various medical electives- Internal Medicine, Respirology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology…

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