Statement of intent

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Statement of intent

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: IT Technology

Level: Masters

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I studied Information and Technology in the High view. As a young girl, I always aspired to be an IT expert someday. Right from elementary school to now I’ve had an interest in information technology. I’ve always had the urge to solve both software and hardware issues, and I have always envisioned myself having an IT company someday. IT is more of a passion to me, and that’s why I took it from early stages, and I would want to grow in it. And it is for this reason that I write to SCSU administration because I’m more than convinced that this institution will offer me a platform and equip me with the necessary skills that I will later need in the quest of pursuing my career.
While studying at the High view I got a chance to develop a web-based app for the school, and the administration used my app to post notices and communicate vital information to the students as they accessed the app online. The school also gave me a chance to attend an international seminar for upcoming innovators sometime last year, where I got to learn how to handle the Linux Operating System, the various interpersonal skills required to cooperate well with others and how to encrypt personalized information. I’ve volunteered for two community-based organizations which I’ve also done the work of developing them web-based apps. If I’m lucky enough to join SCSU, with the assistance of the highly skilled professors I hope to sharpen my skills and get to le…

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