State Badminton Tournament revised

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State Badminton Tournament revised

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State Badminton Tournament
There are 256 competitors, and each competitor will play in single, double and mixed double. This means that there is a possibility of every competitor playing in three ways. The total number of matches to be laid when all the competitors compete in singles, doubles and mixed doubles = 1 competitor X 3 X 256 = 768 matches CITATION Lav141 l 1033 (Lavia López).
The number of days required for the venue to complete matches is equal to the total number of matches multiplying by the duration is taken per match. Therefore, total duration =768* 30 = 23,040 minutes. It is equivalent to 384 hours which equals to 16 days.
In analyzing the cost of the medallions, we assume that in a match there will be a winner and a runner-up which results in two people being awarded a medallion in a match. To find the total cost, I multiply the number of award winners per match by the total number of matches to be plaid. The total cost of venue is the cost per day times the number of days required (Lavia López 81).
The Budget of the Tournament
Particulars Income/ cost
Medallions @5 for winners and runners-up 2*768*5=$7,680
Entry fee 30*256 = $7680
State bank sponsorship $2000
Cost of sponsorship signs ordered $200
Printing Cost 200
Catering cost 200*16 = 3200
Shuttlecocks and other tournament consumables 12*384 = 4608
Cost of refereeing 12*384 = 4608
Other incidental costs 100
Venue cost per day @600 …

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