Standards for Patient Transporter

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Standards for Patient Transporter

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Standards for Patient Transporter
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Standards for Patient Transporter
The patient transporter’s testimony did not negate the need for expert testimony regarding standards for patient transporter when the patient was receiving humidified oxygen via an oxygen mask. The patient transporter admitted that he did not have any knowledge that there were precautions required when transporting patients receiving humidified oxygen. He also agreed that he had not received any training regarding the transportation of patients receiving humidified oxygen. His testimony only negated the need for an expert witness in the charges pressed against him since he was not an expert in handling such patients.
However, every medical care institution must ensure the safety and wellbeing of their patients (Odriscoll et al., 2017). This responsibility includes avoiding circumstances which worsen a patient’s condition or lengthen the recovery period. The management of health care institution includes experts who know of all the safety requirements when transporting patients receiving humidified oxygen. The experts neglected their duties of ensuring the safe transportation of patients on humidified oxygen which resulted in Mrs. M experiencing aspiration pneumonia and subsequently her prolonged recovery period (Roca et al., 2016). In this regard, there was a need for an expert witness for the suit where the charges fall on the hospital but not the new patient trans…

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