Stalin’s regime

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Stalin’s regime

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Joseph Stalin, a dictatorial leader of the Union of the Soviet Social Republic (USSR) between the years1929-1953. Brutal terror characterized his leadership. Millions of his citizens, along with most of his rivals died during his regime. Under his leadership, the USSR grew from a society of peasants to a military super power. However, Stalin revolutionized the USSR from a society of peasant to a great industrial and military power. Stalin participated in a change movement type of criminal activities and politics at an early age (Stalin, Kaganovich, and Davies). After the death of Vladimir Lenin, a leader of the Bolshevik military wing, in 1924, Stalin took control of the party. He used his power to enforce communism and to execute most of his rivals (Wieczynski and Rhyne 286). Stalin’s economic strategy lead to great improvement, by1937, steel production had increased by 25% while the agricultural production doubled. Finally, by late 1930, Stalin had changed his country into an economic and military power. Joseph Stalin died in 1953 after suffering a stroke.
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Stalin’s Regime
Historical setting
The Bolshevik took over the leadership of Russia in 1917 after the World War I. By then, Stalin was already serving in the Bolshevik party central committee. However, the state was weak as it had lost most of its territory to Germany during the war. In 1922, the creation and formation of the Soviet Union…

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