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spinal cord

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What is the function of the spinal cord?
Spinal cord facilitates bidirectional communication with the brain, where it collects information regarding pain and touch from the peripheral nervous system to the brain (Lundy-Ekman, & Siengsukon, 2013). On the other hand, the spinal cord also collects and transmits the motor information from the brain to the other effectors in the body. In so doing, the spinal cord ensures the wholeness of the individuals’ lives as it is responsible for a variety of the body processes, including decreasing the intensity of the pain.
Please give a sample of how a client with a C2 SCI may look like
Any spinal cord injury at either C1, C2 or both, is life-threatening. Individuals who survive such injuries, often suffer a complete paralysis below the affected area or never survive. C2 includes the atlas bone, which allows the head to turn. An individual who sustains C2 SC1 may exhibit the following symptom: Unable to turn the neck, unable to hold a conversation and complete paralysis of the limbs (Score You Smile, 2015). Additionally, the individual may experience a whole body paralysis below the affected region and will be unable to breathe without the support of a ventilator.
How may a client with a C7 injury present?
Injuries affecting C7 usually influence everything below the rib cage, resulting in quadriplegia condition. An injury at C7 is as severe as an injury affecting the…

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