South University BSN Admission Essay

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South University BSN Admission Essay

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South University BSN Admission Essay.
Out of the millions of fields out there, there is one that I have always had a passion for; the medical field. I have always thought of it as a noble career that is not centered on the money, nor credits. It is about saving lives as well as reconnecting people with their optimal health. Nursing is about restoring one’s faith in their body. That is why I joined medical school back home in Cuba. I graduated as a medical doctor subsequently began working as a doctor. I worked in that field for ten years, and during that time, I made a crucial discovery. My passion is in the provision of care. As I interacted with nurses during my time in Cuba, I realized that I was more inclined to do what they were doing, which was communicating more with patients as opposed to focusing on the course of treatment. It dawned on me that nursing is not just a role or a duty, it is a commitment to the patients, their health, and their families.
With that realization, I decided to come to the United States of America and pursue my nursing degree back in 2009. I graduated with my BSN in 2016 and began my nursing career. I currently work as a Telemetry Med-Surg nurse, and I appreciate my time as a nurse. For that reason, I wish to further my studies in the online Master’s degree program offered by South University. I have heard of so many accolades about the Family Health nursing program, and I believe …

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