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solicitor ethics

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Solicitor ethics
“ Lawyers are always experiencing challenging cases with ethical issues, which could jeopardize the solicitor’s career and disorients their client’s arrangement, if not given a keen moral scrutiny ”1. Approaching an ethical issue from all angles could promote the arrival of the best model of action when determining the case concerning an ethical issue. With a full consideration of an ethical issue, the solicitor stands a better chance of explaining the issue to an investigator the reason for adopting a particular course of action. Enough knowledge from the client should be gathered to ensure the course of action decided on covers all the needs of the client. It is unethical to settle on a course of action in a case dealing with ethical issues without a well-researched reason. To avoid the complications of dealing with subjects involving ethical issues, the Queens land law society has given an outline to guide solicitors in proper consideration as illustrated below. The case to be addressed concerns a parking Bonanza as it seeks to get its debtors to pay their dues. For the debt to be serviced, they have the sort of my help as a private practice solicitor at NSW, and I need to determine the course of action.
What is the ethical issue concerning you?
The ethical issue concerning me in this context is to represent a private company in a case against its defaulting debtors. The parking Bonanza operates its…

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