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A sociopath is a personality disorder that is becoming increasingly common among individuals in the present world. The spread of the disorder is causing immense concerns among sociologists, authorities and psychologists who attribute it to extreme lifestyles or deficiency of certain fundamental aspects in life. The disability is deemed as one of the fatal complications that impede human development mentally and social growth (Bonn 1). Those suffering from the disorder have weird characters and behaviors that do not encourage good relations socially with others. For example, the victims of the disorder lack empathy, non-remorseful, they are associated with shallow emotions among others. Not many individuals would want to relate with such individuals given that people prefer extroversive individuals who are lively and truthful.
According to Moon (2), the disorder is one of the disorders one should ever have especially in the current environment where success is dependent on your relationship with people. At this moment having such a disorder is lethal and a hindrance to human development and social progress that is necessary for holistic advancement. He defines sociopath categorically as a person suffering from a disability disorder that manifests itself in antisocial attitudes and behaviors that are highly extreme. Such persons lack the requisite conscience (Bonn 1). It is also defined as a social disorder tha…

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