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Sociology Term paper

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Survey Questions Analysis Memo
Q 1 Mobility Are you currently able to walk for more than 10 feet?
In this question, the researcher intends to establish whether the interviewee can make it to ten feet walking. The data, in this case, will be a simple yes or no and will, therefore, be an interval. One can be able to walk anywhere between 1 – 10 feet, or more. The length will be able to show the level of mobility of the individual.
The normal measures of the central interval will be the median, mode and mean. The mean will be used to establish the average distance that the interviewees are able to walk. In terms of the median, it will be a fairer representation of how far the individuals are able to walk. The mode will show the distance most individuals are able to walk. Of all these measures, the mode will be able to show the distance that most are actually able to walk.
In measuring the variation, the range will be one of the most important measures. Using the range, it will be possible to map out the outliers, the main ranges, and other relevant information. Another measure of variation is quartile. The quartile measure is used to show the ranges where the data is mostly concentrated on ( Norman, and Streiner ). It is used in conjunction with the inter-quartile measure, for the same purpose. In addition to this is the variance. Variance shows how data is distributed across the said range.
For the data, a data distribution sched…

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