Sociological Perspective

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Sociological Perspective

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The theories in sociology give us various perspectives on how to perceive our social world. The sociological perspective is primarily defined as the study of the life of humans, their interactions, and how those interactions affect different groups and the society in general. This study invites us to observe the connections between people’s behavior and the societal structures in which they belong. Sociological perspective has the insight that the world as a whole does not have a reality that everyone perceives in the same manner but rather that every individual has his or her social construction of reality. Macro sociology is concerned with how large social groups affect the social world while micro sociology pertains to an individual’s social dynamics as he or she interacts with a small group. The three major sociological perspectives are symbolic interactionism, functionalism, and the conflict perspective.
Symbolic interactionism postulates that the behavior of human beings is influenced by the meanings and definitions created through symbolic interaction with other people in the society. Human beings, rather than responding to the objective situation, tend to respond to their perception of a situation. An example is how music is denoted on the staff, to one it could be mere dots and lines but to a musician those same symbols refer to organized noted that make up a musical piece. Symbolic interactionism also propos…

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