sociocultural forces

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sociocultural forces

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Sociocultural Forces
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Sociocultural Forces
China is located in the east of Asia, well known for its tourist attraction sites with its beautiful scenarios with unique landscapes and mountains and rich culture. Being the second largest in development in the world, foreign investors from all walks of life flood there for investments and business opportunities only to be met by many barriers one major one being the Chinese culture. Chinese value their culture, which is different from the western culture, therefore for any business to flourish there, according to Da CITATION DaL79 n t l 1033 (1979), one needs to have an understanding of its culture, respect it and adopt it. One of their values is interpersonal relationship, to a Chinese relationship is more important than business, they take time in building their relationship with their partners before getting into the business, which results into the firm and long-term business. They value respect to age, seniority in all capacity in the sense that a leader deserves loyalty, respect and obedience no matter the circumstances, while the senior exercise their duties and responsibilities to the juniors. Successful business people in China know the importance of “face” which is a combined Chinese word for dignity, pride and public reputation. One has to learn to speak respectfully without being critical, abusive. Good compliments are valued in China. A slight mistake affects busi…

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