Social Work and Human Services Revised

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Social Work and Human Services Revised

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Social Work and Human Services
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This paper presents a personal exploration of the experiences of a typical K-12 student. The experiences are divided into three categories; peers, teachers, and other people and activities. Each category is explored separately to describe the factors that enhanced or hindered the attitude and the success of students with respect to school-based purely on a personal experience. The paper asserts that the influences of classmates in the K-12 system are either positive or negative. As such, the values of friends play a critical role in a student’s academic accomplishment and results. Teachers assume various roles in a normal classroom with the most critical academic function being to instill knowledge and understanding to students. Instructors should be actively involved and skilled to ensure the full potential of every student is realized and this, of course, requires the collaborative participation of both tutors and scholars. Participation in extracurricular activities is positively associated with the success indicators of the K-12 system as seen incredible sources. The essay concludes by discussing how personal school experience will inform the school social work practice.
Keywords: kindergarten-grade 1 to 12, the K-12, education sector, instructional methods, social work practice.
Peer Experiences
My best experience with fellow peers as a K-12 student was interacting and engag…

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