Social Media(an argument)

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Social Media(an argument)

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Is Virtual World of Social Media Marring the Real Existence of People?
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The magnum world of internet is pioneered by Google and they introduced people all over the world with the term ‘chat’. They showed how geographical barriers were nothing in the line of communication. It cost very nominal in comparison to telephonic interaction. Youth got swept away by this innovation in communication and started to befriend with people whom they never saw or would never see. This is how social media started its journey. However, the history of online chat began way back in 1980s with Talkomatic invented by David R Wolley and Doug Brown (Mano, 2014). Many times passed in between and social media has got redefined heavily. In fact, social media now is not limited to personal chat but it has been broadened into as a mass sharing channel. Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram and many others have given a new meaning to the personal expression. In short, a parallel world or living is going on simultaneously with the real ones. Now the question is being raised regarding the worth and value of this parallel or the virtual world as now it has become more viable than the real behaviour of human beings. This essay will focus on a comparative study between the speedy communication via social media and its overshadowing impacts on the real identities of human beings.
The key feature of social media is that it is global and just being on a social networking site a…

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