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Small Business

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As the owner of a small business one of the options that I would take is the use of internet access to market my business to targeted customers. The first option is to create accounts on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. However, I’d consider some factors before choosing which social media platforms to focus on. For example, if the business focuses on sales of shoes, Instagram and Facebook would be the best options. It is because I can post beautiful photos of the shoes on sale likely to attract customers who can make orders. Alternatively, I’d create a business website and operate myself to keep customers updated on latest products. All these options would help in the digital marketing of the products from the business.
Telephony can help in growing business (“Impact of broadband” 117). An easy example is the use of Skype. Skype is cheap and suitable communication channel that can give business-customer interaction. The app offers affordable calling costs, file sharing, and conference calling among other features. When the manager is away, he or she can have a conference call with the employees. Direct communication with clients makes them feel valued by the company. However, for the customers who do not like calls, the email also provides better marketing platform.
Unfortunately, putting more effort into business operations can deny the owner the opportunity to train or …

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