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slave trade

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Slave Trade
The historians have provided a clear focus on essential elements that define the slave trade and how it was developed at the time. Davis Brion Davis focused on understanding slavery from a critical background where it is possible to make better determinations regarding the early spread of slavery. The development of sugar trade played an integral role in creating a profoundly transformed setting considering that the demand of slave was very high to work in the large sugar plantation in Brazil and the Caribbean to the Chesapeake Bay, which was the richest and the most coveted colonies. Therefore, he asserts that the trans-Atlantic slave trade was necessitated by growth in sugarcane industry which sought human labor since slavery at the time was only associated with labor. The argument that is being advanced in this case is based on the development of sugar industry, which created a unique consideration where slavery was profoundly transformed into the oppressive nature due to the move by the European to exert dominance.
David Eltis provides a different perspective, which outlines specific concepts regarding the development of slavery. David claims that to understand the slave trade; there is a need to understand the options that the European had at the time. Therefore, slavery was only considered as labor where in some parts of Europe, poor Europeans were employed in sugar plantations which were an essential business engagement at the time. T…

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