Sketch of a new asthetic of music

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Sketch of a new asthetic of music

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An extract from Ferrusio Busoni; Sketch of a New Artistic of Music
Ferrusio Busoni, the Italian was a music composer and a skillful gig pianist who worked in Germany. His piece has continued to inspire the liberty and the prospect of music. His work is broad, profoundly poetic, philosophical and clairvoyant. The current state of music at the moment of writing was at the time when music art was at a standstill in its technique and style. In this point, Ferrusio describes the state of music as following rules and regulations (Juslin 250-55). At this time in history, people who are cautious and feared to try out new methods of doing music.
Key debates addressed by the extract
One of the issues that Ferrusio addresses is the despondency brought as a result of a decline of the customary or typical music. He argues that music field is like a child that has just been born and has many stages to endure before reaching maturity. Te art is virgin and has not experienced life or anguish. The masterpiece of music has moved from the traditional way of the composition to other music making customs. The change is what can be able to bring ecstasy and craft fine-looking things. That implies the musical arena as a field with good prospects and not an art in its dying bed. Ferrusio Busoni in his excerpt concludes that the best days of music are yet to be experienced.

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