Situation analysis

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Situation analysis

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Compliance-Gaining Strategies – Situation Analysis
Various perspectives inform the decision-making process within the mindset of an individual, as well as the environmental influences exposed to the individual. For a friend to persuade another to join a sorority, one has to follow various persuasive strategies, as the decision will affect one’s life. Given the relationship status of friendship that exists among the two, three compliance-gaining strategies are effective. The approaches include: liking, positive expertise and positive altercasting.
Stemming from the foundation of friendship, applying the liking strategy is well-established to persuade the friend into joining the sorority. The procedure is by the positive influence that enables an individual to have a positive state of mind. Within that state, the making points on the benefits of joining a sorority would be well-received. For instance, one might take a friend to lunch, or dinner or any other fun-oriented activity to encourage positivity in thinking and therefore plausible positive feedback.
Positive expertise strategy is in use within the context of understanding the benefits of joining a sorority. Employment of this strategy requires that the individual recommending the organization has a positive experience in the club and understands the benefits of joining the organization. Further, one must understand the perspective of the individual enticed in joining the sorority, as …

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