Significant Challenge

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Significant Challenge

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An individual’s development is influenced by their interaction within a given environment. Challenges are bound to happen although they provide a better setting where an individual can learn how to ensure that problems do not define their development but become the basis of their strength. I have faced significant challenges, which have been detrimental to my growth especially when interacting with other individuals. Being able to counter these challenges present a unique setting where it is possible to achieve the underlying objectives.
I am a student who is very passionate about education, and I consider obstacles as sources of my strength since they empower me to work extra hard to achieve my objectives. I am a son of a single mother from a first-generation immigrant. My mother has been working extremely hard in ensuring that I am successful in my education. Having been born and raised in a different culture and language, I have had significant problems in interacting with other individuals who speak English. English to me is a second language, and thus I have been mostly unable to communicate effectively with other individuals considering the differing culture. When I was ten years, I had very caring friends who helped me a lot despite my difficulties. My mother was not always available considering many responsibilities she had as a single mother. She showed overwhelming support in helping me to adapt especially considering that my educat…

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