Sidney H. Riggs. Arrows and Snakeskin

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Sidney H. Riggs. Arrows and Snakeskin

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Arrows and Snakeskin by Sidney H. Riggs
Summary of book
The book titled “Arrows and Snakeskin” gives a story of the social differences between the English native speakers and Indians including other minority groups. The novel also covers the story about the Pequot war giving factors that led to its occurrence that include racial discrimination and denial of access to quality medication including education, and the notable effects. The author of the novel is known as Sidney Riggs, who is a respected author, scholar, and educationist. The author adopted the best writing styles and use of superior writing incentives that enable readers of the piece to understand the message being communicated. The novel has been credited as one of his best works. It has been well received among historians and novel readers globally.
From the preamble stages, the novel depicts the animosity between the young Indians and the English speakers. The animosity was being fueled by the unfair treatment and discrimination that the Indians were facing among the English natives. The Indians were tired of the subjective rule and decided to fight for their liberation and freedom. The fight led to the Pequot War that resulted in the loss of many lives and property during the springs of 1637. The story details how the Pequot raiding party or Indians of New England captured an English young boy called John Bishop. The kidnapping was executed in the spring of 1637, …

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